Grow Permaculture!

Thanks to Gus Von Roenn, permaculture specialist in Omaha, for the use of this image in our Earth Day Information handout – perfect for launching our EAT LOCAL initiative.  Permaculture looks to a low impact environmental design with an emphasis on sustainability and eat-ability!   You can find out more or get in touch with Gus by visiting his website.

Local Food International

In this NYTimes piece Mark Bittman talks to Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini who concisely sums up many of our goals for Eat Local Nebraska, for example:
“First is the local economy. Rather than move food from one country to another, we need to change the system of distribution and help the farmers around our houses. We have people who want to farm but cannot — why can huge companies get credit but young farmers cannot? — and we have a broken knowledge chain that we need to rebuild.” and also “We have to break down the separation between production and consumption and say ‘we are all citizens’ — a new concept of respect for agriculture is very important. We must give back the value of menial work, pay farmers fairly and use their products, even if it means giving them away to poor people. Obviously that’s better than wasting it.

“This is a process related to a new civilization.”

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